An Atlanta official was fired after a black man was shot dead

ATLANTA (AP) - An Atlanta police officer has been fired after a black man was shot and another officer placed on administrative duty, the police department announced Sunday morning.

Protests have sparked a wave of protests in Atlanta following the death of George Grid at the hands of Minneapolis police following the resignation of Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields on Saturday night in the murder of 27-year-old Rashard Brooks. Landed

The dismissed officer was identified as Garrett Rolf, who was appointed in October 2013, and Devin Brosnan, an officer on administrative duty, was appointed in September 2018, according to John Chaffee, released from police spokesman Sergeant Voss.

The police department has also released body camera and dash-camera footage of the two officers.

More than 40 minutes elapsed when Brendan Branson knocked on the car door and fired a gun; Rolf arrives at the 16-minute event space. The footage can be heard from Rolf's dash camera and two officers' body cameras, but none of the four recordings provided by the police have been caught. After about 20 minutes of talking, the two body cameras drop, but Rolf goes to the handcuff Brooks, though Brooks appears before he is shot.

On Saturday night, protesters opened fire at a silver restaurant, where Brooks was shot the night before and blocked traffic on a nearby highway. The fires continued until about 11:30 pm, but videos from local news outlets showed up again at 4am on Sunday morning. Atlanta police said 36 people were arrested in the protests until midnight.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the resignation of the police chief at a news conference Saturday afternoon and called for the immediate dismissal of the firing officer.

"I don't believe it's a fair use of deadly force," Bottoms said.

He said Shields' own decision was to stay in a unilateral role with the city. Interim Corrections Chief Rodney Bryant will serve as interim police chief.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the shooting, said the confrontation began with a complaint that a man who was blocking a drive-thru lane at a restaurant was sleeping in a car. The GBI said Brooks failed the area control test and then resisted attempts to arrest the officers.

Rolf's body camera appears in the video, gives a field sobriety test, and then a breathalyzer test with Brooks permission. After Breathalyzer's trial, he arrests Brooks; Although he does not say the result of Brooks, the machine displays 0.108 in a video captured by Rolf's own body camera.

The GBI released a security camera video of Saturday's shooting that did not show Brooks' initial confrontation with police. The footage shows a man from two white police officers holding up an arm, holding an object and running a few feet toward an officer. The officer drew his gun, and the man continued to run, and then fell to the ground in the parking lot.

GBI Director Vic Reynolds said Brooks grabbed the Taser from an officer and pointed it at the officer. The officer fired three shots.

L., lawyer for the Brooks family. Chris Stewart said he was charged with "improper use of deadly force, which is equivalent to murder" on the officer who shot him.

"Law enforcement shouldn't have you two ways," Stewart said. You can't say a Taser is unarmed ... but when an African American catches up and runs with it, it's now somehow deadly. , A deadly weapon that can be asked to step on someone. "

Brooks called the father of four and celebrated his eighth birthday on Friday before his daughter died.

The shooting came amid calls for police vandalism and reform in the US following the death of Floyd May 25 in Minneapolis.

Protesters, including members of the Brooks family, gathered outside the restaurant on Saturday, where he was shot dead.

Crystal Brooks was among those who protested, claiming she was Razard Brooks' grandfather.

"He didn't hurt anyone," he said, "but the police got into the car and even though the car was standing, they got him out of the car and started attacking him."

He said: "He caught the Taser, but he grabbed the Taser and ran."

Shields was initially hailed as the Atlanta police chief for four years in the days following Floyd's death. The officers involved urged the protesters to go to jail and understand their frustrations and fears. He was in favor of the bottoms when the smoke-shop front became violent and the mayor vaguely urged the protesters to go home when the police cruiser opened fire.

A few days later, Shields fired two officers and fired three others who were caught on video in a confrontation with two other students at the college, which was involved in car traffic due to protests. Officers shot the teasers on the pair and dragged them out of the vehicle. When prosecutors later charged six officers, Shields publicly questioned the charges.

Two weeks later, the Brooks shooting raised further questions about the Atlanta department.

"It's time for the city to move forward and build trust between law enforcement and those communities," Shield said in a statement.

Reynolds said his agents will give the results of their investigation to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, and the offices will determine if an officer has criminal charges.

Howard said Saturday that his office "has already begun a serious and independent investigation into the incident."

Brooks was taken to an Atlanta hospital and died. One of the officers was treated and released for unspecified injuries.

The story was corrected to report that Brosnan, whose last name was an officer on administrative duty, was not initially announced by Atlanta police.

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