Anger as hardliner was chosen as Britain's next Israeli ambassador

The appointment of Britain's next Israeli ambassador as a staunch supporter of the occupation of Palestinian lands has destroyed sections of the British Jewish community, with some urging the UK government to refuse to accept the nomination.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed Israeli settlement minister Tiji Hotovale as the successor of Mark Regev, who took over as Britain's ambassador last week.

He described himself as a "religious writer" and rejected Palestinian claims in the West Bank, Gaza, or any other area of ​​East Jerusalem. In his 2015 speech, he said Israel was desperately trying to appease the world. “This land belongs to us. It's all ours. We are not here to apologize. "

Hotwali's appointment has been announced as Netanyahu's coalition government prepares to eliminate nearly a third of the West Bank in a move that has been heavily criticized for violations of international law. Last week, Boris Johnson told the Commons that his government had raised "strong objections" to the plan and re-established its support for a two-state solution.

UN human rights experts have warned of a plan to expand Israel's sovereignty to Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and the Jordan Valley is a "21st century apartheid."

In a statement last week, he said: "All that is left of the West Bank is Palestinian Bantustan, completely without regional relations around Israel and the outside world."

In a letter to Regev and Johnson, Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster expressed "opposition to any move by Israel to enter the West Bank region." Justin Welby and Vincent Nichols, leaders of Anglican and Catholic religions in England, said that peacekeeping can be achieved through negotiation rather than simply attachment.

Earlier this month, prominent and respected names in British jewelry - Sir Simon Shama, Sir Malcolm Refined, and Dame Vivian Duffield - expressed concern over the announcement in a letter to Regev. He said the move would have "serious consequences for the Palestinian people" and would pose a threat to Israel.

Now, a petition has been signed online by the "anti-aggression campaign group Nomad" calling on the UK government ambassador to "expose Hautville's record of racist and inflammatory behavior" and deny his nomination. The appointment of messengers requires the approval of the host country. A counter-petition supporting the Hotawali attracted 240 signatures.

A spokesman for Naimod said: "There is growing unrest in our society about Israel's apathy towards human rights, and people are increasingly aware that it is time to take a stand."

Reduced Judaism senior Rabbi Laura Jenner-Klausner also criticized Hotwell's record. “There are political views on Palestinians, conflicts with our core values, and religious pluralism,” he said.

Labor peer Lord Beechem told the Jewish Chronicle: "The current government of Israel is typical. When appointing an ultra-writing ambassador, the UK does nothing to win friends - or indeed any other right country."

Marie van der Jill, President of the Board of Deputies for British Jews, said in a statement, "We are delighted to work with the next Israeli Ambassador to maintain and advance relations between Israel and the UK's Jewish community ... We will do that." We will achieve these ends. "

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