Ariana Grande makes Dalton Gomez romance Instagram official

Ariana Grande makes Dalton Gomez romance Instagram official

Ariana Grande Dalton Gomez fell in love with an Instagram official.

The 'God Is a Woman' hitmaker has been dating a high-profile real estate agent since January, and after she and Justin Bieber confirmed their love for a song for the song "Stuck with You," she now shares the couple's first official picture on Instagram.

Ariana posted on Thursday (25.06.20), one day before she was 27, and wrote to him: "About 27 :) (sic)"

In the midst of the epidemic, Coronavirus has contacted singer Dalton, and sources have said in the past that Ariana is "very happy" with her new friend.

One insider stated: “Ariana is at home with friends, she is very serious about self-aggression and has been with people of the same group for days.

"One of the people she's currently with is Dalton - they've been going out for months. Ariana doesn't want to do another public affair, so she's trying to keep quiet, but she's very happy with it."

Meanwhile, the 'No Tears Left to Cry' hitmaker admitted in November that she was still unaware of love and relationships.

In the 12 months since she released her 'Thank You, Next' album, she examines her past relationship with ex-fianc పీ Pete Davidson and the late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller - Ariana thinks she has learned a lot and is "healing."

She tweeted: "Happy Birthday 'Thanks, Next'. This year I can't believe how much time I've spent alone in my life. I can't believe how many sessions my therapist has." How many times have I sung this song, how much I have learned and healed, and yet how much I have to learn and heal. (sic) "

However, she admits that she still doesn't know much about love and that her personal fulfillment comes from her pets.

She wrote: "Update: I don't know yet ** Tab is a clue what personal life is like or how to hang out with the puppies and pigs I've learned ... really ... more simply!

"" Anyway, I can't believe this anniversary has affected me so much. But .... my heart is good.

"Even though everything is up in the air / I still have a million questions ... I just accept it and feel some and it feels worth sharing. I think. I love you (sic)."

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