Australian Prime Minister apologizes for 'no slavery'

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - Australia's prime minister on Friday apologized to critics who accuse him of denouncing the country's history of slavery, as the state government announces the former Belgian king from the mountain range will remove an investigation into racial injustice.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended the legacy of British explorer James Cook in 1770, the site of the first British penal colony in Australia, which has become Sydney.

Morrison, who represents Cook's Sydney electoral district in parliament, described the British Navy veteran as "far ahead of his time" and urged the district to change its name. Get. "

"When slave ships sailed around the world and Australia was founded ... it was a cruel place, but there was no slavery in Australia," Morrison told Sydney Radio 2Biz.

He issued a rare apology Friday when critics pointed out that tens of thousands of South Pacific islanders had to work on Australian sugarcane plantations in the 19th century and forced the Australian indigenous people to work for wages.

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