Beijing checks out food, parcel couriers for coronavirus to expand the city

BEIJING Beijing officials are conducting nucleic acid tests on all food and parcel delivery personnel as efforts to spread the Chinese capital coronavirus spread, state-backed Beijing News reported on Saturday.

Authorities are expanding the trial to a city of 20 million from a new epidemic of foodborne food markets that ended a week ago. The outbreak, the first in Beijing in months, has now surpassed its previous peak in early February.

Testing for COVID-19 initially focused on residential areas near the vast Zinfidi market and those working or shopping there.

Officials are now targeting the thousands of delivery personnel who travel regularly to the city, where motorized pedicabs and scooters, as well as the delivery of parcels and food by courier.

China's second-largest courier company, SF Express, reached the test points in Beijing on Friday evening, Beijing News reported.

Food delivery company Mithuan Dingping will test all of his Beijing riders on Friday, saying that those who deliver in high-risk areas will be temporarily off duty and undergo a nucleic acid test, staying at home for 14 days.

Customers can see the disinfection of delivery packages and the body temperature of their courier online, Meituan said on his Whitehat account.

Beijing News said it will test all couriers in the city by next week.

Authorities have revealed the risk of contamination by packaging in Beijing, which reported 22 new cases on Friday. Since June 11, the city has reported over 200 infections locally.

After the virus was found on the chopping board at Shinfadi, which is used to administer siphon, officials examined the food imported along with the restaurant staff, including the restaurant staff.

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