Beijing has reported 22 new cases of the virus, tested by millions

The Chinese capital on Sunday reported 22 new coronavirus cases in which more than two million samples were collected in the race to include a new outbreak following a major trial attempt.

The latest cluster in Beijing is predicting the resurgence of the virus in China, which has been largely under control in recent months.

Dozens of communities in the city have been dispersed, urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel and schools.

One of the new infections reported Sunday was a nurse - the first health worker to be tested positive for the week before the disease returned.

Over 220 people tested positive in the new cluster.

The news agency Xinhua said local authorities had received over 2.3 million samples and had set up more than 2 thousand sites across the city.

The latest outbreak in the wholesale food market first emerged, which raised fears over the safety of the city's food supply.

The virus was found on a chopping board used to handle imported salmon. Beijing officials advised citizens on Friday to dispose of frozen seafood and bean products purchased from the site.

Zinfadi Market supplies over 70 percent of Beijing's latest products and has been discontinued.

On Friday, officials launched a nationwide campaign to monitor food imports.

Xinhua said it has been testing restaurants, supermarkets, markets and food distribution employees for the virus.

The chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told reporters on Friday that the new outbreak has been "brought under control," but Beijing is still looking at new cases.

Beijing Center deputy director Liu Jiafeng said, "Those who do not enter the Zenfadi market between May 30 and June 12 are very low risk of infection and do not need to make an appointment for a nucleic acid test."

The outbreak has also spread to Beijing's administrative center, which has major government offices, health officials said. The case was reported Sunday in the area.

China on Sunday registered 26 new cases, including three domestic infections in Beijing's neighboring Hebei province. One of the patients worked in the Zinfadi market.

Health officials have also confirmed the imported new case. Infections brought by Chinese nationals when they were repatriated have been present in many cases until the Beijing cluster.

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