Coronavirus whistle-blower Dr Li Wenliang's wife gives birth to a son


The wife of the "whistle-blower" Dr. Li Wenliang, who died from Covid-19, has provoked national outrage in China after she was disciplined for spreading alarm, giving birth to a baby boy early Friday morning.

Local broadcaster Landy News reported that Fu Zuo's son was born at a hospital in Wuhan early Friday morning, saying "the initial earthquake of the Korean virus pandemic" and that he and his child were healthy.

Lee, who is an ophthalmologist in Wuhan, was one of eight people who were alerted by police in January for "spreading rumors" about alerting colleagues about a mysterious new disease in late December. He became infected and died on February 6, at the age of 33, along with his then-pregnant wife, Fu, and his five-year-old son.

"My husband, can you see us from heaven?" Pooh wrote on his WeChat account Friday morning. "The last gift you gave me was born today" I will work hard to love and protect them. "

Li's death has led to anger and grief in China, calling on social media for the accountability of officials trying to cover up the spread of the virus due to misunderstandings that began when Beijing spread.

His case calls for greater freedom from intellectuals and academics after Beijing's denunciation of "online rumors", and several citations to Lee's remarks in interviews before his death that "healthy should have more than one voice in society."

Lee had to write "self-criticism" to his employer, in which he compared "the constitution of the Communist Party, the rules of the party and a series of speeches (by party leaders)" (my behavior). He pledged to "comply with the party's central committee for thought and action."

The Chinese government sent an investigation team to look into the Lee case, and in its report in mid-March, Lee's reprimand of local police "failed to respect improper and relevant law enforcement procedures". Police apologized to Lee's family and said she would withdraw her reprimand.

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