Demi Lovato will star in a new YouTube original documentary series.

The 27-year-old singer is the subject of a four-part series that has nothing to do with the streaming service, which follows her life for the past three years.

Series - Joe Michael d. Directed by Ratner and produced by OBB Pictures - his deadly overdose in 2018 and his full health and control journey, as well as the historic performance of the national anthem, this year’s Super Bowl.

For Demi, the series comes three years after she teamed up with YouTube to release 'Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated', which inspired her to tackle addiction and struggle with her 2018 journey before the relaunch of 2018.

In the documentary, Demi spoke publicly about her rehab visit in 2010, where she admitted to smuggling drugs to a treatment center because she was "not ready to stay calm."

He said: "I didn't work on my schedule. I wasn't ready to calm down. I got stuck in [the cocaine] on the airplanes, I slipped into the bathroom, I was sneaking out overnight ... I was a drunkard." "

The 'Annie' hitmaker also said there was a point of fear for his life after taking a "bunch" of cocaine.

He explained: "When I used to coke one night I popped some Xanax bars. I started kneeling a little bit. My heart started pounding, and I was like, 'Oh my god, maybe it's over-dose now.'

Meanwhile, Demi said recently that seeking help for your mental health is "a sign of strength."

He said: "It is important for people to have these lines because sometimes you are really alone and you don't know where or with whom to talk. You are afraid that these thoughts are too dark and you need guidance. This is where it can help people who are struggling. This is not a sign, it is a sign of strength. The first step to getting help, whatever the shape or form is, is the strongest work anyone can do. "

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