Emma Watson, JK The tweet has the following support for the transgender community. Rowling backlash

Emma Watson is sending a message to her transgender fans that they are going to be J.K. Rowling received comments this weekend about being labeled transphobic. The Harry Potter actress sent a touching message on Twitter on Wednesday to transgender people to "live their lives without being constantly questioned."

Watson cried without naming, "They say trans people deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned." I want my trans followers to know that you and the rest of the world see you, respect you, and love you for who you are. "

The actress has since shared that she is donating to two organizations that support gender issues, Mermaid and Mama Cash.

She added, "Happy # PRIDE2020 Loving x."

Watson's remarks were bitterly criticized by 54-year-old Harry Potter's scribe, who "tricked a word into a story about people". Following the irony of social media members and colleagues on social media, the British writer tweeted that "if sex is not real, there will be no homosexual attraction." If sex is not real, then living is a reality. Women around the world are being wiped out. I know and love trans people, but debunking the notion of sex removes the ability of many people to discuss their lives meaningfully. You don't hate telling the truth. "

The comment was even more fraught, and Daniel Radcliffe, Eddie Redmayne, and many more spoke out against Rawlings' comments.

Radcliffe described an article posted on the website for the Trevor Project, in which Rawlings said, "I am responsible for my life. And as a human being, I had to say something this time. "

"There are transgender women," she continued. "Any statement to the contrary would endorse the identity and dignity of transgender people and would contradict all the advice given by professional health care associations that are more skilled on the subject than Joe or I."

After Wednesday's online attack, Rawlings posted a lengthy explanation on his website to clarify his thinking.

"On Saturday morning, I read that the Scottish Government is moving forward with its controversial gender identity schemes, which will have the effect of telling all men to 'become a woman', she is one. A very contemporary term, I am. '

Rowling explained that she "hit the ground" based on relentless attacks from trans activists on social media, and then spent "Saturday Day" in a very dark place inside my head. I suffered in my twenties. Loop. "

The author stated that she did not want to "sympathize" with the revelations of her sexual harassment, but wanted to "solidarize" with women with similar histories.

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