George Floyd: Houston prepares its final goodbye for a live update

Thousands were in attendance for George Floyd's last public appearance as they relaxed after a private service.

Former Minneapolis police officer Floyd was placed on the ground with his knee for nine minutes while bail was set at 25 1.25 million, and Floyd appealed for air.

United States congressional Democrats have unveiled broad legislation to address police violence and racial injustice following two weeks of protests nationwide following Floyd's death.

Floyd's funeral will take place on Tuesday and will be buried there, where his mother, Larkania, will be buried near Floyd.

Minneapolis councilors supported community work on the police force

Four Minneapolis-based city councilors who want to eliminate city police have devised plans to transfer funds to community-based programs to reduce violence and limit the need for law enforcement forces.

Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison told the media it could take up to a year to discuss reforms with the public and create a "completely new mechanism for public safety" to replace the Minneapolis Police Department.

"I think it's a mistake many people make when we think we're talking about abolishing security," Allison said. "No, we're talking about eliminating the failure of a police structure that doesn't protect us."

Councilors said they expect a revised budget proposal from Mayor Jacob Frew in the coming weeks.

US Attorney General William Burr: 'It's dangerous to leave the police'

US Attorney General William Barr criticized the ignoring or disarming of the police force after the death of George Floyd.

As demonstrations against police brutality continue, and activists call for the protection or dismantling of the police force, the American elite is calling for the use of police budgets for community projects.

"I think it is wrong to defend the police. The responsibility of the entire police force is to blame for the actions of some officers, and I think it is dangerous to overthrow the police," Barre told Fox News Channel.

"If you pull the police out of these communities, there will be more damage in these communities," said Brar.
During the recent unrest, police in Minneapolis strategically defiled the tires of protesters and journalist                                                                State officials in Minnesota confirmed Monday that police officers patrolling in Minneapolis have slashed at least two places on unlicensed vehicle tires during the recent unrest, "stop driving dangerously and at high speeds." Around protesters and law enforcement ”.                                                                                                                                                              Videos and photographs obtained by Mother Jones Magazine show officers in tactical robes stealing the tires of several vehicles in a smart car park during the unrest. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has identified officers from the Ashoka County Sheriff's Office.

Bruce Gordon, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, confirmed that the tires had been cut "in some places."
                                                                                 "The State Patrol Troop has damaged the tires strategically," Gordon told the paper. "While there is no specific strategy, vehicles are being used as dangerous weapons and are hindering our ability to clean and secure our areas, leading to violent protests."

Star Tribune reporter Chris Ceres was among the vehicle owners who had the tires deteriorated, and he covered the May 30 night protests and returned to his car at 1am. Having said that, there are a few dozen flat tires.

Black legislators in Pennsylvania interrupt state House of Representatives to vote for police reform

At the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Black Democrats marched for nearly 90 minutes at the start of Monday's polling session, disrupting day-to-day business in an effort to curb police reform bills.

The Republican House Speaker said he would consider the proposal for a vote and would support a special session considering the law.

Protesters, including prominent Black MLAs from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, hung a "Black Lives Matter" banner from Speaker Dies and vowed to leave without worrying about stalled proposals.

Joe Biden met with the Floyd family in Houston

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Monday that George Floyd's family had shown "meaning to the world", a lawyer for the family said.

Biden said he had been meeting with Floyd's relatives in Houston for more than an hour, following a meeting with lawyer Benjamin Crump, Biden, Floyd's uncle Roger, and civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton on Twitter. App.
Representative Cedric Richmond.

"They listened, heard their agony, and shared in their condolences," Crump said of the private meeting. "That compassion means the world to this sad family."

Trump also spoke in a call to the Floyd family, saying that Floyd's brother Philinos said in an interview that he was not given much opportunity.

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