German prosecutor Madeleine McCann may still be alive

Medellin McCann may still be alive, though police say the German prosecutor has revealed.
An investigation into the disappearance of Priya da Luz from Portugal in 2007 has drawn new attention, with authorities announcing the investigation into a 43-year-old German child sex offender.

The accused is currently serving a prison sentence in connection with the particular case.

Prosecutors have some evidence that Madeleine is dead, but not enough to stand trial, Brunswick Public Prosecutor's Office spokesman Hans Christian Wolters said Monday. But speaking to the Sunday Mirror, he returned.

"Given the lack of forensic evidence, we can expect very little (he is alive)," he told the paper.

“We do not want to kill hope and it is theoretically possible that there is no forensic evidence.

"I knew it was important to the British people when I told her she was dead, but I didn't know it was that important."

Mr. Wolters said it was common to investigate the murder in similar cases in Germany.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Times, Mr. Wolters said prosecutors were investigating whether the hotel employee had helped target the McCann apartment in a nearby restaurant.

The kidnapper was reportedly living on the Algarve coast and telephoned his Portuguese mobile phone, Priya da Luz, an hour before Medellin, then disappeared on May 3, 2007.

There is no indication that staff knew about Medellin's kidnapping, and Mr. Wolters said: "The phone call made by the accused may have been between him and the staff who entered McCann's apartment but told him."

He said police did not interview the current accused in the murder of Madeleine at the time because they did not identify the man who called him.

Mr. Wolters told the paper: "The person he was talking to could hold the phone in his hand (which would certainly confirm that he was the accuser he was talking to), indicating that he was present at the time.

We want this to be evidence before an arrest warrant has been issued and interviewed in connection with the murder. It helps to sue him - but we need more evidence. "

In the days following the renewed appeal, Scotland Yard said it had received 400 tips for its Operation Grange team.

As there is no definitive evidence that Medellin was alive or dead, Operation Grange represents an active investigation of the force, which is classified as an investigation into the missing person.

Medellin disappeared shortly before her fourth birthday, when she was 17, the following month, while her parents were having lunch with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.

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