India embarks on a diplomatic dispute with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In a sign of rising tension between Pakistan and India, Delhi on Tuesday said it was reducing its diplomatic staff size in India by seven days by accusing its High Commission (HC) staff of going to the Islamabad. Please cut it.

India said it would also reduce its diplomatic presence in Islamabad in view of the mutual principle of diplomatic relations.

The decision to reduce Pakistan's diplomatic footprint in India was sent by the Indian Foreign Ministry for Pakistan Chair Defair in Delhi.

In a statement, the Indian ministry said: “The Government of India has decided to reduce the workforce by 50% at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. This will reduce its presence in Islamabad. "

The staff shortage is expected to be implemented in seven days.

The Pakistani Foreign Office later summoned Indian charge sheet cases and sought to reduce the size of the Indian High Commission staff by 50 per cent in seven days.

To reduce the power of Islamabad and Delhi High Commissions

The Indian Charge d'Affairs has been informed of the decision to reduce the number of employees of the Indian High Commission of Pakistan to 50 ppc. The FOG said, "The Charge d'Affier has been asked to execute his decision within seven days".

Pakistan sent back the Indian High Commissioner last August after Pakistan illegally authorized Kashmir to recall its own ambassador to India.

The constant tension between the arch-rival neighbors went from one level to the next without any signs of recovery.

From the media statement of the Ministry of India and the subsequent FO note, it is not clear whether this shortfall applies to the ceiling agreed upon by the two countries for higher commissions in the respective capitals, ie 106, or otherwise. The current strength of missions.

Pakistan currently has 83 officers and staff in Delhi while the Indian High Commission has around 100 staff.

The first violent confrontation of the Line of Actual Control (LIC) with the Chinese military since 1975 has seen Indian action aimed at diverting public attention from the situation in Ladakh.

Domestic pressure
India's response to Beijing's action is increasing domestic pressure on what is seen in India.

Former Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit told Dawn that India's move to divert domestic attention from the confrontation with China is a turning point as Pakistan is selling well in India.

Step Das Basit Ambassador has said that he has no plans to reopen for Pakistan through this phase. The third obvious motive behind this move, Pakistan has been reported. The Indian story about being a 'troubleshooter' needs to be improved.

The allegations in the statement of the Ministry of India are the basis for Indian action, including the "goon act" of Pakistani High Commission officials and "transactions with terrorist organizations".

The Ministry of India said on May 31 that two employees of the Pakistan High Commission were expelled. Pakistan has already vehemently condemned India's accusation of deporting employees.

The Indian High Commission in Islamabad has accused the authorities of harassing them and cited the case of two Indian HCs who was taken into custody by Islamabad police shortly after a road accident on June 15 for legal purposes. It is alleged that he abused them. Pakistan official

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