Instagram account replaces Selena Gomez as rapper and activist Killer Mike

Selena Gomez submitted her Instagram account to rapper and activist Killer Mike in an attempt to whip up systemic racism.

The singer/actress last week announced plans to hire educators and activists for her fans and followers to address the issues of the Global Black Lives Matter protests, and co-founder of the movement, Alvia Garza, launched the initiative with the New Yorker. Author and Columbia University Professor Jelanie Cobb and Harvard University Professor of African and African American Studies Sarah Elizabeth Lewis (27) gave Killer Mike a platform on Wednesday.

"Right now, a lot of people are asking what they can do," Mike, whose real name is Michael Rinder, said in the first series of posts through Star's Instagram Stories platform. "How can they make a difference? I always tell them to start locally. Support local candidates and support grassroots groups in your community."

In another post, he shared a billboard picture reminding people to vote.

I appreciate the protests and demonstrations, "he said." Furthermore, the most important thing you can do to improve your community is to plan, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize. "

Announcing his plan to share his Instagram account with learned activists and scholars, Gomez wrote: “I struggle to find the right things to say about this momentous moment in history.

"After I thought it was best to use social media, I decided that we all need to hear more from the dark voices. Over the next few days I will highlight influential leaders and let them manage my Instagram so that they can speak directly to all of us. Let’s start by listening with the mind. ”

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