Lockdown locked: Boris Johnson reduced the two-meter rule to 'one meter-plus'

The Prime Minister has announced that the two-meter clause will be relaxed from July 4, when pubs, bars, cafes, art galleries, museums, hotels, and theaters are ready to reopen a few months later. , The start of the biggest push toward withdrawal since March 23, the lockout.

Boris Johnson said today that a significant reduction in the infection rate "means we can safely reduce the lockdown in England".

He warned, however, that the government would not hesitate to put on brakes if the number of infections started to rise. "The virus has no interest in these discussions," he said. "We do not hesitate ... to resume national sanctions if necessary"

"Today we can say that our long national hibernation is over and life is beginning to return to us and our stores."

Two meter act
After speaking with scientific advisors Sir Patrick Valens and Chris Witty last night, Johnson announced that he will relax the two-meter social distance rule from July 4 in favor of the new "One-Meter Plus" guidance.

Beginning July 4, people will be able to socialize indoors and outdoors at a meter distance if they take nausea to reduce the risk of infection, such as covering their faces and wearing gloves.

In public transport, passengers must wear masks that sit one meter away. Some places may require screen screens, ventilation systems and stringent handwashing facilities to be installed according to the new guidelines.

Office layouts and shift patterns can be changed to avoid face-to-face desks so employees can work in small teams to reduce social engagement levels.

Pub, Cafe and Restaurant
Relaxing the two-meter rule is crucial to reopening Britain's hospitality sector, which relies on close interaction in confined spaces. Pubs, restaurants and cafes are now reopening from July 4, and they can be done in a safe and secure manner.

The platform will be forced to keep a register of all visitors in and out, to help the UK's track and trace system. If the person who has gone out for a lunch time begins to show symptoms, the contactors will request the name and number of everyone in the pub at that time and ask them to self-differentiate. Pub landlords do not need to check if people belong to the same home.

England does not accept ID checks as other countries do, and the government relies on the expectation that people will comply with "common sense."

People can only meet one another's house for lunch, dinner or pint at a time. For example, you can go out to lunch with one house and have dinner with another. Table service is required in all indoor areas to limit the amount of physical contact home.

The office canteen will reopen from July 4, when they follow guidelines for more than a meter.

The government is set to automatically change licensing regulations to allow places to serve alcohol as part of the "Al Fresco Revolution." Johnson is expected to release more information on how to reopen the hospitality sites this afternoon.

Indoor Meeting
Starting July 4, members of both houses will be able to meet inside the home until they adopt the new social difference rules. People need to wash their hands regularly and clean the shared areas, one meter away. Home members can invite second-party members to dinner. The government is negotiating with visitors to stay in another home.

No specification required - homes may meet with grandparents on one occasion, for example, another set of grandparents the following weekend. However, the prime minister warned that "there is only one certainty - the fewer social contacts you have, the safer you will be."

Johnson says that future social interactions are about balancing the virus and "our natural desire to bring life back to normal."

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said the government was acting on a "common sense" basis. "They have worked so hard to control this disease ... people follow our advice, which allows them to have a lot of social interaction."

If families who meet other families begin to show symptoms, they must provide the contractor with details of other families they have met.

Meet outside
Two houses of any size now meet outside of July 4, which means summer picnics are back on the menu. The current rule allows for a maximum of six different homes outside of six different people's meetings.

"The changes are based on clear evidence that we are in control as coronaviruses," the Prime Minister's official spokesman said. "The R rate is decreasing from two to four percent per day. We believe that people are aware of the risk of the virus."

Art galleries, museums and cinema
Downing Street made an unexpected announcement last night that other leisure and cultural spaces, including art galleries, museums and theaters, will also be allowed to reopen from July 4, if they do not follow the new social balance rules.

"The bingo halls, theaters and concert halls will be reopened," the prime minister said, but on a regular basis they do not perform live. For the venue, there should now only be screenshots of previous shows.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports is working to guide live performances and festivals, but now it reflects on repeating Glastonbury and Hello.

It is up to businesses to update the recently placed two meter signage, which will cost the government £ 50 million to distribute the new one meter guidance. Johnson's official spokesperson said, "A very good way to reduce the transmission to two meters ... is whether they want to implement more than one meter of guidance."

Hairdressers, gyms and fitness facilities
The hair salon and barber will reopen, "for those in need of a haircut - myself included," Johnson declared.

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms will also be open from July 4, while beauty salons, indoor fitness centers and gyms, swimming pools and water parks will be closed.

Gyms are not allowed to open now because high levels of movement, sweating, and close contact can increase the risk of infection.

“I’m fully aware that people are asking questions about why certain activities are allowed,” Johnson said.

Theme parks and other holidays
Attractions such as theme parks, indoor social clubs, model villages and aquariums, zoos and wildlife centers will reopen on July 4, along with a new meter-plus guide.

However, indoor vacation spots such as nightclubs, bowling areas, skating rinks and indoor play areas are currently closed.

The Prime Minister's official spokesperson said: "We will work with them to find ways to make them covid-safe and reopen them, but at this time it is not feasible to take that extra step."

Hotels, B&Bs, cottages, bungalows and caravan parks in the UK will be allowed to reopen on July 4, which means summer-stay cards have returned. Camp sites that are supposed to be freed from new guidance can be opened.

The shared hostels and washing facilities are currently considered unsafe and the hostels are not reopened yet.

Places of worship
Churches, mosques, chapels and other places of worship will be allowed to reopen from July 4. Mass worship is allowed, but direct singing is not allowed. Yes to its prayer, but no chant this time.

"This year Easter, Passover and Eid were all held during the lockdown, so I am happy to reopen the places of worship," the Prime Minister said.

As with pubs and restaurants, dissemination should be made at all places of worship to keep all visitors ’registers to share with the visitor. “We have seen localized spread in other countries, from pubs to places of worship,” a PM spokesman said.

Marriage, funerals, baptisms and bar mitzvahs are allowed "life cycle events", but with limited significance. The government is still working on what the right number is, but it is "probably more than six," a PM spokesman said. The bride and groom can invite up to 30 wedding guests.


The government is considering expanding the existing bubble system that limits child interaction to a group of 15 students. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will publish a special guide on how to safely reopen schools in the next few weeks.

"Elementary and secondary education begins in full attendance in September, during which time every child who attends school should do so," Johnson said.

The end of the lockdown?

“Our care of guidance on the continued defeat of the virus is completely unconditional,” the Prime Minister said.

Johnson said we should not forget that the virus has "raised permanent scars," but the infection rate has dropped significantly. The COVID alert level was lowered from four to three last week, meaning it is now safe to stay out of the lockdown months.

"We built human armor around the NHS and they saved us instead," Johnson said.

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