Malawi's opposition won the presidential election

Blantyre  Malawi's opposition coalition won its candidate Lazarus Chaquera on Thursday in the 2019 presidential race, which was rejected by the courts because of fraud.

Tuesday's vote was a test of the ability of African courts to fight ballot fraud after the reversal of the results of last year's vote in February by Malawi judiciary President Peter Mutharika.

"With all the votes ... it is now clear that Malawi's (five opposition) are allied to command this country for the next five years," a statement from Chakvera's Tonight Coalition said.

"Malawians regain their destiny."

A spokesman for the Mutharika coalition did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Malawi's state and private media gave Chakwera a 55% lead on Wednesday, with nearly three-quarters of votes counted against Mutarika's 40%.

At a news conference on Thursday, Elections Commission chairman Chifando Catchle urged Malawians to wait for the official result, which is set to take place as the ballots are shifted back to the headquarters of the South African country of the lake. .

The victory for Chakarevara, who returned to the presidency from office in 2014, will be a dramatic reversal of unpopular voting last year.

Despite some occasional reports of violence in opposition forces, election officials said Tuesday's polling day was largely peaceful and that Malawi was calm in anticipation of the results.

The repealed outcome forced a change in the electoral system, replacing the "first-past-the-post" for a system in which the winner must receive more than 50% of the vote.

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