Martin has been named the new Irish Prime Minister and has pledged to deal with the deep recession

DUBLIN  Ireland's parliament on Saturday elected opposition leader Michael Martin as prime minister, head of the first coalition that united two sides fighting for power after a century of civil war. Var.

He wanted to save Ireland from the "fast-moving recession" caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Martin's Fianna Fయిల్il Party was forced to join its rivals, Fine Gael, after the surprise electoral surge for leftist Irish nationalists backed the Sinn Fెయిన్in traditional center with sufficient support to govern itself. Environmentalist Greens have joined an alliance.

According to a novel agreement, Martin will withdraw half of his five-year term as the outgoing Prime Minister of Leo Leo Varadkar to return to the post.

"There is no question of our urgent work. No community in our country has been touched," Corinovirus said) at a special meeting of MPs in Dublin. The largest meeting center was held in the House of Parliament. Are too short for social distance.

"We must act urgently and with hope to overcome the depression," Martin said with tears in his eyes, thanking his family for traveling from their native Cork because of a coronavirus ban due to loose Monday. Could not.

After gaining the support of some independent members of parliament, 63 were elected by a margin of 93 votes.

This appointment marks the transition of Fianna F ఫైల్il and Martin, a government member who suffered an unprecedented electoral collapse in 2011 after signing the EU / IMF bailout a decade ago and taking over as leader.

A 59-year-old former history teacher who has held several senior ministries, including health, business, foreign affairs and education, 26% of the country is experiencing another financial crisis with the temporary or permanently unemployed.

When the elections were held in February under very different circumstances, the unemployment rate was only 4.8%. The major issue is how to allocate to the shortcomings of Europe's fast-growing economy.

Martin oversees an incentive package for areas most affected by coronavirus lockdown next month.

The new coalition divides Irish politics more clearly than ever in ideological lines, with Sinn Fెయిన్in acting as the main opposition. Although Fianna F ఫైల్il and Fine Gael emerged from the opposite side during the Civil War in the 1920s, they have mainly pursued a similar centrist movement for decades.

Sinn Fein, the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army, who revolted against British rule in Northern Ireland, won more votes on the political establishment in February and called for more liberal social programs. It has 37 seats in the 160-seat parliament, two more than Fion Fail and Fine Gael.

"You can't get your way now," Sinn Fెయిన్in leader Mary Lou MacDonald told both parties.

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