Megan Fox has criticized the film industry for its 'profound misunderstanding'

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Megan Fox described the film industry as "ruthlessly wrong."

The 34-year-old actress took to social media to respond to an opinion and said she was abused early in her career.

Social media backfired when Jimmy Kimmel reunited after an interview in 2009, with Megan sharing a story about having sex at the age of 15 in Bay's film 'Bad Boys II'.

He said at the time: "They were filming this club scene and they brought me in. And I was wearing a Stars-Stripes bikini and a scarlet cowboy hat and I was wearing six-inch heels.

"And they accepted it, and they knew, 'Michael, she's 15, so you can't sit in the bar and have a drink in her hand.'

"So his solution to that problem was when I was dancing under a damp waterfall."

When the audience laughs and says, "How Bay's brain works," Kimmel replied: "Well, it's a really subtle knowledge of how all our brains work, but some of us have the courage to suppress those thoughts."

Defending Megan Bay from criticism, he insists, "I have never been sexually assaulted or attacked," but he has hit the entire Hollywood industry.

She wrote on Instagram, “Please listen to me when I thank you for your support.

"But these specific examples are indiscriminate in the long and arduous journey with which I have endured some deadly annoying experiences in the wildly wrong industry."

In response to speculations about misbehavior from filmmaker Bay, in particular her audition for her 2007 blockbuster 'Transformers', she said: "I 'worked' audition scenes (I know how a wrench was going on during Michael's Ferrari).

“It was in the Platinum Dunes studio parking lot, there were many other staff and staff and I wasn’t in any time.

"According to this particular audition story so far, I was not weak at the time and did not 'wash' or work on one's cars without the content of the original script.

“I hope that any opinion formed around these episodes will at least depend on the facts of the events.

"When it comes to my direct experiences with Michael ... I never attacked or hunted him for what I thought was a sexual way."

Meanwhile, Megan thanked those who spoke and stressed that "there are a lot of names that deserve to go viral in an abandoned culture."

He said: "I thank all of you who have the courage to speak up, and I thank all of you who support, comfort, and comfort those who have been hurt." Violent and poisonous social models. "

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