Nicki Minaj Marriage Life 'Refreshing and Quiet'

Nicki Minaj's marriage to Kenneth Petty was "refreshing and quiet".

The 37-year-old rap star married her childhood friend in 2019, and Nicky has accepted a love life with her husband, saying they can't 'complain' about their love.

When asked how the marital life was dealing with them, Nikki told Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne: "Good, good, good."

'' I can't complain. I can't really complain. I didn't think it would be refreshing and cool.

"When you're not married, like your soulmate or someone who understands you, you feel like you're on top of the world." ''

In the interview, Nikki discussed the challenge of becoming a female rapper early in her career.

And when Lil Wayne was ready to sign Nikki to his record label in 2009, industry people actually asked him to reread the act.

She reflects: "I know, I'm going to make it, so I'm enjoying its premise and I'm working very hard."

It is my opinion that people do not realize the work that goes into it. Because if you don't go to work, why bother? ''

Meanwhile, Nikki has previously stated that she is interested in exploring "other possibilities" away from music.

The rap star has revealed his intention to be "outside the woman's magnifying glass".

She explained: "I love music and interacting with fans, so it doesn't make me look away altogether."

"But I want to be open to other opportunities in my life." I believe it is important to be a woman outside the magnifying glass.

"I have to make sure I'm well-rounded as a human being." ''

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