North Korea suspends military plans against Kim South: KCNA

State media reported that North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has suspended military action plans over the South after Pyongyang blew up a liaison office on Wednesday.

In recent weeks, Pyongyang has strongly condemned Seoul on its anti-North pamphlets, which send defectors south of the border - usually attached to balloons or floating in bottles.

Last week it blew up a liaison office on the border to mark inter-Korean coordination, and its army said it would take several actions against the South.

The move re-entered the northern areas of withdrawal as part of inter-Korean projects in restoring and practicing guard positions in borderless militarized zones. Huh.

Kim, however, presided over the meeting of the Southern Military Commission, the official North Korean Central News Agency said.

It is not detailed.

The South's Yonhap news agency reported, citing unnamed sources, that North had begun removing loudspeakers from the border areas two days ago.

The move by Pyongyang is unusual, and analysts said the concessions were trying to create a crisis on the peninsula.

With the unwarranted criticism of Kim's sister Kim Yo-jong for blowing up Pyongyang for the Seoul presidential office and for denouncing President Moon Jae-in, it now does not tolerate "North's" inappropriate actions and words

But the nuclear-armed North "has no means of intimidating South Korea or endangering its deterrence," Professor Leif-Erik Igle of the University of Seoul in Seoul told AFP.

"There are domestic political coffers to investigate under the Kim regime and may be satisfied with public unity right now."

- 'Completely collapsed' -

Instead of easing sanctions on the nuclear-armed north, inter-Korean relations have been in the cold since the summit in Hanoi collapsed between Kim and US President Donald Trump early last year.

The deported country is subject to a number of UN Security Council restrictions on its restricted weapons programs.

Since the beginning of June, Kim Yo Jong has been the face of Pyongyang's most aggressive stance toward the South on anti-northern pamphlets.

The northern liaison office was ravaged a few days ago by a warning of what appeared to be "completely collapsed", later known as the South Moon - a long-standing engagement with Pyongyang - "disgusting" and apparently "crazy".

Pyongyang says it is ready to send millions of anti-Seoul propaganda leaflets to South Korea in retaliation.

Islemi said, "Kim Jong-un also has the opportunity to adjust by talking to someone else for administration."

"He can do this for outside concessions or his army needs more time to execute the next provocation."

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