Olaf Palm Murder: Sweden recognizes the man who killed the PM in 1986

Swedish prosecutors have named a man who told Sweden's former prime minister Olof Pam in 1986 that the suspense years were over.

He identified the accused as Stig Engstrom, also known as "Scandia Man", who killed himself in 2000.

Chief Prosecutor Christer Petersen said they were closing their investigation into Palm's death as a result.

Pam was shot in the back while on his way home from a movie in Stockholm with his wife, Lisbeth.

He fired his security team on the first day. The murder took place on Sweden's busiest street and more than a dozen witnesses opened fire before a man opened fire.

He interviewed thousands of people on his death. A minor was convicted of murder, but the verdict was later overturned.

What did the government lawyer say?

“The guy is Stig Engstrom,” Mr. Peterson said at a news conference. "Because that person is dead, I can't blame him and decided to end the investigation."

"We believe in how he acted, the killer," he said.

Mr. Peterson said Stig Engstrą°²ేą°¦ుm initially did not focus on the investigation, but when investigators examined his background, he said he was accustomed to using weapons, was in the military and was a member of the shooting club.

In his native area, he has been part of a criticism of Pam's policies and relatives, who have a negative attitude towards the Prime Minister.

Petersen said Engstrom has long had a financial problem and a growing alcohol problem.

Who is Stig Engstrom?

Stig Engstrom is known as Scandia Man because he worked at Scandia Insurance Company. He has been working since the evening of the murder at the company headquarters close to the crime scene.

One of the 20 witnesses to the murder, Engstrom, eventually killed himself in 2000.

Journalist Thomas Patterson was first identified as the accused, and 18 years after his death, police began to look into Engstrom. The Prime Minister suggested that Angstrom had killed Pam because of leftist views.

He lied about the moments following the murder, saying he also tried to revive Pam. It was later learned that he had arms training.

Stig Engstrom's ex-wife told ExpressionsNews in 2018 that she was being questioned by detectives in 2017. She said the suspicion of the crime she committed at the time was not questionable.

"He's very shy. He doesn't hurt a fly," he said.

How was Olaf Palm killed?

The Swedish prime minister discharged his guard on Friday night, 28 February 1986, and went to the cinema with his wife, Lisbeth, his son Marten and his girlfriend.

The film was followed by Stockholm's busiest street, with Shawnee walking with his wife as they attacked the gunman from behind.

Pam, 59, was shot in the back and died instantly. The bullets were recovered from the .357 Magnum handgun at the scene of the collision, but the gun was never recovered.

Why was no one caught?

A man went to jail. Convicted felon Christer Petersen - who has nothing to do with the prosecutor - was found in the lineup by Lisbet Palm and sentenced to life in 1989.

But he was quickly released on appeal because no motive was established and no weapon was found. Peterson died in 2004.

Who are Pam's enemies?

A charismatic prime minister who heads Sweden's Social Democratic Party is also in talks on a number of international issues.

At home, he violated business owners with reform and spoke out against nuclear power.

He criticized the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and the US bombing of North Vietnam and the "apartheid" of the South African apartheid regime.

What are the principles?

The case has rocked the Swedish police for decades. Over the years we have seen Stig Larsen, the well-known author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Among the theories that have been leaked over the years is Pam's murder:

He founded the African National Congress (ANC) by standing up against apartheid - Swedish police traveled to South Africa in 1996

found that Swedish arms company Bofors used bribes to counter Indian weapons
The Palm government has declared the Kurdish militant PKK group a terrorist
Lisbeth Palm died in 2018 after not knowing who killed her husband.

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