Prince Philip celebrates 99th birthday with Queen on lockdown at Windsor Castle

The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, will mark his 99th birthday on Wednesday, and the royal couple is still on lockdown as the coronavirus spreads.

The 72-year-old queen and her husband of 72 years continue to face social discrimination at Windsor Palace in London's West Side, as their age falls into the high-risk category for Kovid-19.

Buckingham Palace has released a new photo of the couple posing for a birthday party on June 1 at the quadrangle in the palace.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been the longest-serving association in British history, and in May 2017, resigned from Frontline Royal duties.

In January 2019, he was unhappy with his vehicle getting into a traffic accident, injuring two people near the Emperor Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

He has not been seen in public since spending four nights in the hospital in December, calling for "scrutiny and treatment" by royal officials for a "pre-existing condition."

The "precautionary measures" and unspecified condition renewed concerns about his health as he approached his 100th birthday.

Centenary people in Britain usually receive a special birthday card from the Queen.

In March, the Queen and the Duke moved to Windsor, severely isolated by the outbreak of coronavirus, but remained there because the restrictions on homestays were relaxed.

In April, his grandson, Prince William, expressed his concern for the welfare, despite his losses, and after his father, the throne heir became infected with the Prince Charles virus.

As the traditional gun salute was canceled due to the crisis, the Emperor celebrated his 94th birthday with great enthusiasm. Recently he was seen riding on the palace grounds.

At the height of the coronavirus outbreak, he sent two rare messages to the country in solidarity and determination to fight the virus.

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