Rafael Nadal says tennis has to wait a bit longer before it starts again

Rafael Nadal says tennis should set a positive example to the rest of society, and "wait a little bit" before resuming competition.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion does not intend to reopen the tournament unless every player can travel freely and safely.

There will be no travel until the end of July - very soon.

The Spaniard said he currently does not want to travel to New York in August to defend his US Open title.

Nadal, 34, told reporters: "If you ask me if I want to go to New York to play a tennis tournament today, I will say - no, I don't."

"But in a few months, I don't know how the situation will improve. If the tournament is played, I believe it will be done in very safe conditions. If it is not, in my opinion, it is not." T ie. "

The US Tennis Association is likely to decide at the end of this month whether it is possible to stand behind the US Open-Closed Doors from August 31st.

Nadal said, "We need to take responsibility, send a strong message, and be a positive example to society."

"We need to understand that we are suffering from unprecedented conditions and I want to get back to when players from all over the world were able to travel in safe conditions. I want my game to be 100% fair and proper.

"It's important to find a find condition that helps us make sure we can travel and compete without fear of the virus and bring the virus back home. My feeling is that we need to wait a little longer."

Nadal has revealed that he is slowly returning to training after not taking a rocket for two and a half months.

"As you can, I have to take things step-by-step," he said.

"I try to prevent injuries and increase the amount of work each week. I don't practice every day. I practice a few days a week.

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