Russia to handover India's request for defense equipment within 2-3 months

Russia will deliver within two to three months on India's request for defense equipment and is waiting for the official list from New Delhi to be delivered. During a visit to Moscow by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh earlier this week, India requested protection materials for the armed forces on a daily basis.

Russia's response to India's request was positive and promised early delivery to New Delhi.

Russian government sources said: "We will get an accurate list as soon as possible and will do our best to deliver as soon as possible in 2-3 months."

Sources said that while the request for protection devices was a daily necessity, India did not seek immediate delivery of the S400 or SU30.

The Russian side has already "dispersed" the delivery as much as possible, but for that "sophisticated system, we are building it as soon as possible, because the Ministry of Defense has been giving us a moment to ask."

During the visit, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met with Russian Deputy PM Yuri Borisov.

After the meeting, Rajnath said, "All of our proposals have received a positive response from the Russian side. I am completely satisfied with our discussions."

"The Russian side has promised to maintain and maintain" ongoing agreements, but in most cases, they will be carried out in a short time, ”he said.

Singh was on a 3-day visit to Moscow at the invitation of the Russian Defense Minister to participate in the 75th anniversary of World War II Victory Day Parade.

The parade was attended by a 75-member strong tri-service Indian team.

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