The conversation between two long-standing Balkan foes was another road.

Expecting progress in an already sluggish neighborhood - and the prospect of US diplomatic success - evaporated when the Kosovo president accused him of war crimes, as he was preparing a replica of the White House while negotiating with his Serbian.

Two decades ago, the Office of the Expert Prosecutor in the Hague filed 10 count indictments of Kosovo President Hashim Tisi and other separatist fighters during the war against Serbia, including "murder, missing persons, torture and violence." Announcement Wednesday.

The indictment alleges They and others were "criminally responsible for about 100 murders." The pre-trial judge is reviewing to determine whether the allegations have been confirmed.

Thassi is expected in Washington on Saturday for US Ambassador Richard Grenell's talks with Serbian President Alexander Vucic on June 27. The incident is an attempt to help settle historical disputes between neighbors. It is unclear whether the meeting will take place after Kosovo's Prime Minister Awadullah Hothi intends to fill in for Theis, saying he will not go to Washington after several shocking convictions in the newest state of Europe.

"As a result of the allegations submitted by the Special Prosecutor's Office, I must return to Pristina to resolve the situation," Hattie said on Facebook.

Washington suddenly speaks with skepticism, leaving the EU open to withdrawing the initiative to lead the negotiations. EU mediation talks between Balkan neighbors stalled in 2018, but the Americans are also seeking the leadership of the broker as the block seeks to revive them in a competitive effort. Tisci said last month that he was in favor of the US leadership.

It is unclear what constitutes the culprit for the complex dynamic between Weick, 50, and Theisi, 52. Former Enemies - Former Kosovo Liberation Army commander known as "The Snake", was once the minister of the late Serb Strongman. President Slobodan Miloà°µిevi - - who has known each other for years and has spent years communicating.

However, hostility has always been an unpleasant bargain and reminder of the atrocities committed by both sides during the 1990s wars.

The conflict that ended with the 1999 NATO bombing killed more than 10,000 people, forcing Serb forces out of Kosovo. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, with the support of the American and most European Union states. Serbia still regards Kosovo as its historical center and relies on Russia and China to avoid full international recognition.

Diplomatic efforts and bilateral ties aside, the court investigating crimes against ethnic Serbs, Roma, other minorities and political dissenters during the 1998-99 Independence War and afterward said they had given Thakur, and others had repeatedly decided to issue a notice on account. To disrupt and reduce your work. Thakur and Kosovo officials did not respond to calls and e-mails, which had previously dismissed similar allegations.

As reported by, the former head of Kosovo's parliament and former commander of the rebel forces with Tayasi, Qadri Wesley, dismissed the allegations. Wesley said the allegations were "inappropriate and extraordinary" and that the allegations were "completely untrue and do not stand up", adding that Thais was politicized by making his moves just days before the White House visit.

Prosecutors at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, which was founded in 2015 as part of the Kosovo judiciary, made the allegations, but with international staff and witnesses in the Netherlands to protect them from threats.

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