UFC champion Connor McGregor has announced his retirement

(CNN) Mixed martial arts fighter Connor McGregor announced his retirement from the game on social media on Sunday.

The former two-division UFC World Champion said in a statement posted on his confirmed Twitter account on Sunday morning that he was struggling.

"Hey guys I decided to retire from the fight," the tweet said. "Thank you all for the wonderful memories! What a ride it is! Here is a picture of me and my mother posting in Las Vegas on one of my world title victories! Choose your dream home! I love you." I'll do whatever you want. You own

This is not the first time the mixed martial arts star has announced its retirement on social media.
The controversial Irish fighter, nicknamed "The Notorious", announced his retirement from the game in March 2019, but earlier this year, US fighter Donald "Cowboy" Cerone was in the ring for a fight in Las Vegas. I'm back

He defeated the Cowboys with a technical knock after 15 months of retirement.
And in 2016, he tweeted, "I decided to retire as a teenager. Thanks for the cheese. Hold on later."
'The fight is in my blood'

A former trainee plumber, Fighter is considered one of the best in the UFC.
He came out of the octagon of mixed martial arts to fight boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather Jr.
McGregor lost to the champions in the 10th round and overcame many concerns.
The fight cost him his wings and light belt and ended his bragging rights as the only fighter to hold two UFC titles at once.

In a previous interview with CNN, Fighter said that part of his success was due to his family heritage.
"McGregor's name is historic when it comes to fighting," he said proudly. "Go back, study my family name, study my family heritage. We're a dreaded clan."
"At one time, nicknamed McGregor after death was punishable. This fight was in my blood - and that's it. That's what my ancestors have been doing to me for a long time," he said.
In 2019, McGregor's fighting spirit pushed him into a major controversy after a fourth-round defeat to Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Both fighters were banned and McGregor was given a six-month suspension and a $ 50,000 fine. His opponent was fined $ 500,000 and banned from participating in his dusting program for nine months.
McGregor finished 8th on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) pound-for-pound list.

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