U.S. Democrats have introduced comprehensive legislation to improve police

After several weeks of protests against police vandalism and racism, American Democrats in Congress have proposed a comprehensive law to reform U.S. police.

The bill enables the police to investigate abuse, sanctions, and sanctions.

It came as Minneapolis lawmakers vowed to abolish the city's police force.

There, the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white official led to national pressure for change.

However, it is unclear whether Republicans controlling the US Senate will support the law proposed in the 2020 Policing Act.

Floyd's brother is expected to testify in the House of Representatives later this week following an investigation into police reform.

What does Bill say?
The Justice of Policing Act 2020 was introduced Monday by Democratic lawmakers House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Black Senators Kamala Harris, and Corey Booker and members of Congress Black Caucus.

When she unveiled the bill, Mrs. Pelosi read the names of black men and women killed by police in recent years.

The bill also mandates the use of body and dashboard cameras, banning okemongering, concluding unannounced police raids as a "no-knock warrant" and holding police for civil rights violations. Powers that do not make such improvements.

"Mr. Pelosi said," George Floyd's martyr gave the American experience a moment of national suffering because we express grief for black people killed by police brutality.

“Today, this movement of national suffering is transforming into a movement of national action”.

The bill promotes federal crime, limits the sale of military weapons to police, and empowers the Justice Department to investigate state and local police.

It also creates a "National Police Malpractice Registry" - a database of complaints against police.

Some Republican leaders said they would consider the possibility of writing their own bill, which will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

What chance does Bill have?

The reform package devised by Democratic leaders in Congress can be seen as the party's "official" seat - at least for now. To some extent, this is an attempt to shut down more draconian measures, with some on the left coming up with the slogan "degrade the police."

If Democrats can line up their liberal ranks, they should be able to approve reforms in the House of Representatives. The Senate's stance on Republican control is less certain - especially if Donald Trump sees the political advantage in portraying Democratic proposals as a threat to "peacekeeping."

If there is heated rhetoric from national politicians during the presidential election, the real protest may come from local authorities, who are directly responsible to the voters of the municipalities who witness the biggest protests.

The call for the abolition of police in Minneapolis, although highly symbolic at this time, suggests that widespread change with or without federal guidance is a very real possibility.

This could be the beginning of a series of local initiatives in police reform that will take very different forms in different parts of the US.

However, President Trump's party members have largely withdrawn on signs supporting the law.

During a break with his party, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney tweeted photos of Christian protesters marching toward the White House on Sunday with the caption "Black Lives Matter."

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