Zafar Mirza has been acquitted in the Nikab Smuggling case

ISLAMABAD: Following the Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) investigation into alleged masked smuggling, the Prime Minister has been granted national health services and regulations, and Dr. Zafar's coordination has been acquitted from Mirza.

FIA sources informed a private TV channel. In the agency's investigation into the export of 20 million masks to China, no allegations have been proved against Zafar Mirza as the petitioner failed to give evidence of his allegations.
According to the FIA ​​report, the masks and the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) have not proven any contribution in the issuance of permits for export and are permitted to export according to rules and regulations. The FIA ​​recommends stopping the investigation of masked export cases. It is noteworthy that the complaint was filed by the General Secretary of the Young Pharmacists Association, Dr. Furkan Ibrahim complained in Prime Minister Greaves Cell.
According to the complainant, Pakistan Deputy Director Ghazafar Ali Khan has come into contact with a Drug Regulatory Authority assistant who smuggled 20 million masks from Pakistan's health aide Dr. Zafar Mirza.

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