A child was injured when a rocket fired on the US embassy in Iraq

The Iraqi army said Sunday that a rocket targeting the Green Zone in Baghdad, home to the US embassy, ​​was aimed at home.

Iraqi officials said the embassy's recently installed C-RAM air defense system may have been trying to disrupt the rocket as it was operating late on Saturday. Some of the most recent rocket attacks have been close to the US embassy and targeted US troops in Iraqi targets. Officers spoke on the condition of anonymity under the regulations.

The rocket was launched from Baghdad's Ali al-Saleh area and landed near a home near the local TV channel on Saturday night, according to a military statement. One child was injured in the head and the house was damaged.

Iraqi security forces say they have launched another attack targeting Camp Tajia, a US-led coalition training facility in the Um al-Azam area north of Baghdad.

In March, two American and one British soldier were killed after a barrage of rockets at Camp Taj.

The latest fake of these attacks, shortly before the start of the US strategic talks, is that the US military presence in the country is expected to be at the top of the agenda.

The US has criticized the federal government for failing to govern militia groups backed by Iran. US officials said Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi had promised to protect American enterprises from attacks.

Iraqi security forces attacked the headquarters of the powerful Iranian-backed paramilitary Hezbollah last week and detained 14 people suspected of causing rocket attacks targeting the Green Zone. Later, 13 inmates were released and one remains in custody.

The US praised the move but denounced Iranian-backed political groups in Iraq.

Iraqi officials said the US embassy began testing the new air defense system late Saturday. Hassan al-Kabi, the deputy speaker of parliament, has called on the government to take action against "illegal" action, which "incites the people of Iraq", according to a government statement.

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