Allegri opens talks on Real Madrid, Zidane praises 'masterclass'

When Massimiliano Allegri became head coach two years ago, he said he was familiar with Real Madrid but wanted to be loyal to Juventus.

The former Milan boss spent five successful years at Juve before leaving at the end of last season.

After Zinedine Zidane's departure from Madrid following the 2017–18 campaign, the club has featured small letters with Julan Lopetegui and Santiago Solari.

Allegri was one of the other options pursued by the club and thanked Italian Madrid president Florentino Perez for his interest at the time.

Madrid finally returned to Zidane in March 2019.

"Two years ago, there was an introduction, but nothing came of it because I had a contract with Juve," Allegri told Marca of Madrid's interest.

"In addition, I have a strong moral commitment to the club and its fans."

Asked by Allegrini what she liked about Joden's work at the Santiago Bernabeu, the title Lahiga has reached the horizon of the 2019-20 season.

“The strength lies in finding the inevitable balance of a class and a talent-filled team,” Allegri said.

"To me, Kazimero's position is a tactical master class from Jijou."

Discussing his future, Allegri continued: "I have been charging my batteries [since leaving Juve] and enjoying time with my family and my lifelong friends, my own Ru Livorno.

"I don't really care [if my next job is in Italy or abroad]. I'm looking for a club to share a project with and hope to compete to win it."

When asked if he would like to coach at La Liga, Allegri said: "Who in their right mind would not ask that question? Nobody."

"It's more fun to play in Laliga, whatever the outcome. After scoring a goal, the team will continue to play as if nothing happened.

"In Italy, on the other hand, there is a lot of love and attention to detail in games and strategies. The brain almost always wins over the heart, in general.

"" As I said earlier, Italian football is more difficult. The player does not have much freedom to enjoy himself in a completely comfortable manner and this can sometimes be difficult. "

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