China blackmails US dissidents to return home - FBI chief

China Blackmails US Dissidents To Return Home - FBI Chief

Chinese agents are trying to chase hundreds of Chinese nationals living in the United States as part of a global campaign against immigrants from a country called Operation Fox Hunt, the FBI director said.

In his speech on the security threat posed by China, Beijing's every move was "the biggest long-term threat to our country's information and intellectual property and our economic power."

Six years ago, President Xi Jinping launched Fox Hunt to accompany corrupt officials and businessmen who fled abroad. Beijing celebrates its competitive success, informs the public of the hundreds of economic fugitives, and wants to release an adult list. The Obama administration complained in 2015 about the activities of undercover agents.

Ray said the main goal of the operation was to curb discontent in the Diaspora.

He told the Hudson Institute in Washington: “China has described Fox Hunt as a kind of international anti-corruption campaign.

"We are talking about political opponents, dissenters and critics who point to China's widespread human rights violations."

The FBI director said: "Hundreds of these fox hunt victims live here in the US, and most are US citizens or green cardholders. The Chinese government wants to force them to return to China, and China's strategy is shocking.

"For example, when the fox hunt failed to realize its target, the Chinese government sent an envoy to visit the Target family in the US. The message they were asked to send was: Target's two options immediately returned to China or committed suicide."

Ray said Fox Hunt's operations, directed by the Chinese Ministry of Public Safety, are also taking place in other countries, and that the FBI is working with its partners to threaten Chinese efforts. He said that Chinese citizens in the US were often pushed into China by threats against their families.

Asked about other excellent strategies used, he replied: “Use your nation. You're not going too far.

He appealed to anyone in the US who thought he was a Fox Hunt target, "please reach out to his local FBI field office."

Ray aggressively portrayed China, which ignores international or national law. About half of the FBI's 5,000 active intelligence cases are related to China, he said.

China has been leveraged, pressured or persuaded by federal, state and local authorities, as well as intermediaries over American corporations and the media, to seek positions in Chinese foreign policy. Ray said such efforts were made during the coronavirus outbreak aimed at gaining Beijing praise for fighting the epidemic.

Although China does not support Donald Trump or his Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, he said China is moving ahead of its priorities for the 2020 presidential election results.

"China's malicious foreign influence campaign targets our policies, our position, 24/7 per year, 365 days a year," Ray said. "So it's not an election-specific threat; it's actually a year-over-year, ever-present threat. But it definitely has implications for the election, and they definitely have priorities."

China is also involved in mass hacking, identity theft, and intellectual property fraud, and the FBI director says there are 1,000 investigations into the Bureau's "real and attempted theft technology" at all 56 field offices.

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