China defended the WHO, and the US is on the move to withdraw

China defended the WHO, and the US is on the move to withdraw

China, which defended the World Health Organization, on Wednesday, rebuked the US decision to quit the US.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian said the move was "yet another demonstration of US unilateralism, deviation from groups and breach of contract."

Speaking at the WHO daily conference, "Global is the most authoritative and professional international organization in the field of public health safety".

The US exit from the company "undermines international anti-pandemic efforts and has a serious negative impact on developing countries, especially when it requires international support," Zhao said.

The Trump administration on Monday called on the U.N. to withdraw from the WHO. It was reported that the withdrawal would not take effect until the following year. This means that it can be changed by the new administration or if circumstances change.

Former vice president Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, said the decision would be reversed on the first day of his term if elected.

President Donald Trump has been severely criticized by the WHO for its response to the coronavirus epidemic and accused it of undermining Chinese influence. In a White House statement, Trump said the Chinese authorities had "ignored" their reporting obligations and had pressured the company to mislead the public about the outbreak that killed 130,000 Americans.

The move was immediately attacked by health officials and administration critics, including many Democrats, who said it was an important institution to tackle the coronavirus and was affecting American influence in the global arena. This is leading to vaccine development efforts and drug testing.

The withdrawal notice was sent to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday and will take effect from July 6, 2021, in a year.

American is the WHO's largest donor and provides more than $ 450 million per year, but approximately 200 million are outstanding in current and past arrears. Those financial obligations must be met before US financial returns can be finalized.

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