China says US action against Huawei is a 'dirty game'

China says US action against Huawei is a 'dirty game'

Beijing on Thursday portrayed US dominance over Chinese telecommunications company Huawei as a "dirty game" and Washington set its own human rights record, highlighting racism in the United States.

A day after the pushback from Beijing, the U.S. announced a visa ban if Huawei employees and other Chinese companies were found guilty of human rights abuses.

The two superpowers are holding swords on the rising frontier, including Beijing’s policies on Hong Kong.

But the Trump administration has recently rejoiced over the growing success in disassembling Huawei - after Britain announced a ban on the company.

Secretary of State Mike Pompey said on Wednesday that the United States, along with "many other democracies", meant Britain was becoming a "clean country", a move that provoked a strong response from Beijing on Thursday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the word "clean" had nothing to do with the United States.

"What it does ... is a dirty game," he said in a simple briefing.

When asked about Britain's acceptance of its stance on Huawei due to US sanctions on the company, Hua said: "All this shows that the British government has lost its valuable independence and autonomy over the Huawei issue."

She questioned the basis of the US visa ban, alleging that "there is racism everywhere in America."

He said: "If Mr. Pompey is honest, we can avoid imposing a visa ban on him."

"We welcome him to go to Xinjiang," Hua said, referring to the western China region where rights groups say one million Uyghurs and other Ottoman Muslims are flocking.

Pompeo has already accused Huawei of being responsible for the violation of the rights, allowing China to disagree and end Beijing's extensive surveillance of the region, but China has denied it.

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