Croatia's ruling conservatives win parliamentary votes

Croatia's ruling conservatives win parliamentary votes

Croatia's Prime Minister Lady Plankovic won "great" re-election for her conservative HDZ party as officials led her to Sunday's parliamentary elections.

"Our success is not great but committed," he said of the government's work with Croatia working with our hearts.

His party won 68 seats in the 151-member assembly, according to official results, with nearly 90 percent of the ballots cast, out of 42 seats won by his main rivals, the Social Democrat-led coalition.

The Nationalist and Eurosceptic Black Domovinsky Pokret (Homeland Movement), led by veteran singer Miroslav Scarovo, came third with 15 seats, the Conservative Most (Bridge) Party with eight seats, the Left Mozamo (We Can Do) with six seats. With.

HDZ now urges partners to form another governing coalition, with analysts looking for their strongest performance should not be too hard.

Political analyst Bero Salaz told state television: "They now have a very comfortable position because they are able to choose their partners and do not have to negotiate with opponents on the right-wing spectrum of the political landscape."

HDZ leader and current Prime Minister Lady Plankovic said that success is a responsibility to work with.

"Croatia is facing serious challenges. We need responsibility, knowledge and experience. That's what we gave to Croatian voters," he told his party supporters.

Maintaining grip on coronaviruses will be a difficult task for the new government as it seeks to revive the economy, which is expected to decline by about 10% this year. Tourism revenue is expected to fall by 70%.

Croatia reported a very small number of COVID-19 infections - more than 3,000 cases and 100 deaths so far - but infections have accelerated in the past two weeks, with daily cases increasing to 80.

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