Demi Lovato: I learned to cry

Demi Lovato: I learned to cry

Demi Lovato was more "crying" during the lockdown.

The 27-year-old singer revealed that it was "very difficult" for her to regain her senses through tears, but amid a lockdown caused by a coronavirus pandemic, Demi "feels herself". "" Allowing. Has struggled in the past and now knows how to be more “insecure”.

She explained: "Before the blockade, I had a hard time crying. I was programmed in my mind at the age of 16 thinking that if people give me money, I will cry."

"[I] have started doing all these things. It allows me to feel my pain or all the harm that comes with that hardship or suffering. I feel that my ability to be weak and to be more in touch with people has to be really close."

Demi said she chose to work by herself, and found the experience "beautiful" because she had "time" during the global health crisis.

In an interview with Bastille magazine, she said: "When a crisis occurs or when they notice that they are old patterns or behavior, it is very common to be able to walk in the experience, to be without the person. Like the crisis and the bus, I can work on myself now because I have time… It's a beautiful thing." thing.

"I got this opportunity. I'm like, I'm going to take it. I'm going to move it. I'm going to learn from it."

Despite learning to cry, the 'Annie' singer has struggled with her mental health in the past and recently insisted that seeking help from a professional is "a sign of strength."

Promoting the Mental Health Fund, she said: "It's important for people to have these lines because sometimes you are really alone and you don't know where to turn or whom to talk to. You are afraid of these ideas, it is very dark, and you need guidance. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is often a sign of strength. If our society asks for help, we are weak. However, the strongest thing that anyone can do is to take help in whatever form or form it is. "

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