Earlier, Trump visited a military medical facility

Earlier, Trump Visited A Military Medical Facility

President Donald Trump, who has refrained from wearing masks in public despite the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, donated Saturday to a military medical center outside Washington, where he is scheduled to meet with previously wounded soldiers and health care workers.

A visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center marked the first time Trump appeared with a face mask as the virus began to spread across the United States earlier this year.

Trump has previously publicly refused to wear masks or asked other Americans to do so, saying it was a personal choice, although he was in the crowd and could not distance himself from others.

"When you've been in the hospital, especially when you've been talking to a lot of soldiers, I think people sometimes get off the operating table and wear masks. That's a very good thing," Trump told reporters at the White House before his visit to Walter Reed.

At the Medical Facility, Trump gathered in a light blue mask with a presidential stamp painted in gold, for a carefully run photo opportunity. He only said "thank you" as he passed.

Top public health officials have called for masks to be used to slow the spread of the virus, which killed nearly 134,000 Americans as of Friday. Critics say Trump's refusal to wear it shows a leadership flaw.

Trump, who faced re-election in November, has pressured states to reopen closed economies, despite calls by other officials in his administration to use masks and social ills.

As many states relaxed their coronavirus restrictions, the virus took on a new location. The new US case of COVID-19, a lung disease caused by the coronavirus novel, reached more than 69,000 on Friday, the third consecutive daily record.

As of Friday, the number of confirmed American infections was 3 million, according to a Reuters estimate.

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