Europe issues warning as Iran flies over the airspace

The European Aviation Safety Agency has warned that air-defense systems in the country are mistargeting passenger jets flying through Iranian airspace.

"Because of the dangerous security situation and the lack of coordination between civil aviation and military operations, civilian aircraft are at risk of going wrong," EASA announced on Thursday. "Since there are various advanced air-defense systems, it is good to be vigilant."

The German European Union agency Cologne said: "Operational risk is considered high for aircraft levels below 250" or 25,000 feet (7,600 m). The recommendation - or Conflict Zone Information Bulletin - is valid until January 16, 2021.

Iran says Ukraine shot down International Airlines Flight 752 shortly after takeoff in January, a few days after the EASA warning, killing all 176 passengers on board.

According to a report by Iran's Civil Protection Organization, the Iranian air defense unit "made a mistake" in adjusting its radar system, triggering a series of communications and human errors that led to the plane's catastrophic crash. Matt.

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