France pays health workers 8 billion rupees in response to coronavirus efforts

Thanks to the efforts made by France health workers during the coronavirus epidemic, more than b8 billion (2 7.2 billion) should have been spent.

After seven weeks of negotiations, the agreement was signed by Prime Minister Jean Cortex and union leaders, who previously considered it a "historic moment for our healthcare system".

Health and care workers will see their wages increase by an average of 3,183 (£ 165) per month under this agreement -450 million (7,407 million) which was eliminated with a bidding ring as a bonus to Medics in the public sector. Workers by hiring private companies.

"This is the first recognition for those at the forefront of the fight against this epidemic," said Mr. Costex, who replaced Edward Phillip as prime minister in early July.

"It's also a way to catch up with years of delay, for which everyone - perhaps ourselves - is part of the responsibility."

While the French people applauded and thanked health workers during the epidemic, the government failed to show this appreciation - the crisis reached a climax despite President Emanuel Macron awarding health workers.

The announcement and signing ceremony took place on Monday on the occasion of Bastille Day, during which a parade will take place at the Place de la Conte in Paris. About 1,400 nurses, doctors, and caregivers will be in attendance as guests of honor.

While the trouble is still a sign of growing, some unions have failed to repeal the agreement, suggesting it is not enough to protect services and employees.

The Paris branch of the hospital staff union CFE-CGC on Tuesday tweeted a map of protests, urging the public to condemn the "sham" deal.

Across the channel across the UK, there have been similar controversies over the physical display of praise for the courage and sacrifice of health workers, unions, and government health workers, whom the government has paid lip service to as "heroes".

A fortnight ago, on the eve of the NHS's 72nd anniversary, more than a dozen health associations and organizations held close talks with the government to end "ministry suites" and "overpaid" wage increases in 2021/22. Establish.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who was pressured by Sky News for a pay rise for NHS employees on the eve of the service anniversary, has refused to stick to a pay rise but said he would give a "reward" to health staff.

As Boris Johnson set up another round of applause for caregivers on the occasion, health workers called Chancellor Sage Craze, accusing him of failing to "give what he needed" to help prepare the service 10 billion emergency money for a second service. A wave of Covid-19.

He made no mention of additional funding for health care in his emergency "mini-budget" last week.

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