Gal Gadot in the conversation for lead in the new female-led spy thriller

Gal Gadot in the conversation for lead in the new female-led spy thriller

Gail got Netflix's "The Old Guard" has been engaged to act as the author of the new women's detective thriller.

Discussing the film, 'Wonder Woman' star, who came from the comic book author Greg Rukku talks for the lead role in the untitled film.

Not much is known about the plot, which is similar to the James Bond and 'Mission: Impossible' franchises.

The film was directed by Skydance's Dan Granger and Dana Goldberg.

'Wonder Woman' comics will be launched in 2017 with her final arrival.

Gadot next appears in 'Wonder Woman 1984' - a sequel to 2017's 'Wonder Woman' - and she has recently changed her ego to "more mature and intelligent".

On how the Diana Prince has evolved in the upcoming installment, the 35-year-old star explained: “The first film came of age, becoming Diana’s Wonder Woman.

“She was very naive and did not understand the complexities of life.

“A fish out of water.

“In this film, anything is not.

"Diana emerged.

"He was very mature and very intelligent."

Meanwhile, director Patty Jenkins has previously stressed that although she is trying not to "think" about plans beyond the second film, she has more ideas for the title character.

When asked about the third film, she said: "Wonder Woman 3 'Oh Wow!" I am wondering about is trying to film on their own because it needed to be, but I 'Wonder Woman' to explore with the things that are sure to be found in the final, we must ensure that we will be able to "

Although 'Wonder Woman' of 2017 was a success, Patty did not expect the sequel to be an automatic hit.

He said: “Every film has its own struggle to touch and separate people.

"" Wonder Woman, "a lot of people by surprise, so [with the sequel]  you more than ever they are looking forward to walking to the situation.

"So it's no different because the first film everyone went to, 'Wonder Woman', come on, no, you can't."

“There is a history of tanking these films, so there is a lot of pressure on that person to bring that film to life.

"It's very stressful again to try and make it live, so in both cases, I focused, 'I like' Wonder Woman 'and I like the movie. This style looks great and that's why I'm trying to make a great movie.' '

Along with 'Wonder Woman 1984', Gadot '' Death on the Nile 'and' Red Notice 'are set to be released later this year.

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