Jennifer Lopez 'Brings Glamor to the New York Mets'

Jennifer Lopez could promote change for the New York Mets baseball team.

The 50-year-old star and her fiance Alex Rodriguez are bidding to buy a sports franchise, and people in the industry believe that Jennifer's involvement will bring much-needed glamor to the team.

One source told the New York Post 's Page Six column: "Forget about any other boss or player. Jennifer No. 1 is one thing after social media."

The chart-topping star has 126 million followers on Instagram and can use her popularity to boost the team's profile.

The move to buy the franchise was compared to J-Z by Brooklyn Nets, an industry insider who reported that Jay "calmed it down to move to the Barclays Center".

The source says: "They will not break any stone, it will be a fun experience."

Jennifer and Alex, 44, who have played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball, are Latinos owners in a white-dominated business.

It has been suggested that the pop star's involvement with the French will help improve the image and perception of the game.

The insider explained: "People like Jennifer bring a lot to the game, and MLB needs it right now."

It is learned that the loving couple is pouring around around Rs 300 million in their own money as part of the takeover bid.

NFL star Travis Kelsey - has the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Alex, who are part of the investment group.

He told ESPN: "Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a star-studded couple who have worked with their tails ever since and they are good people.

"Thanks to them for being a part of it."

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