Katy Perry talks about her own glam shot, her 'Wing Ling' before the due date

Katy Perry talks about her own glam shot, her 'Wing Ling' before the due date

With her expiration date around the corner, Katy Perry has not choked on the fun at her show this week.

On Friday, July 10, promoting a "smile" from her upcoming album of the same name, the singer, who is almost 9 months pregnant with her fiance Orlando Bloom, who is expecting her first child, wore her look. There were a lot of cracks about it.

On Twitter, she cheated on a fan account who shared a fully colored glam shot, with specially fitted makeup and hair accessories to match her black and white attire.

"Look at Katy Perry!" Fans ate Gush. Katie, however, was not affected by Harlefell.

"I'm not waking up like this," he assured followers by retweeting the post.

Until that day, she had practiced somewhat in the self-demoted section.

"I'm wandering around like a duck," she joked in an interview on "Hits Radio Breakfast" (via the Daily Mail) on Friday morning.

"I'm breathing loudly, I'm breathing with my mouth. And, yes, it's loud and bad. And - oh my God - I eat so much delicious ice! Let it go like Sarah ice." Now mouth! He said.

Katie made another controversy about her pregnant Choli while talking about her new album - on Heart Radio - and new additions.

"My belly button goes back," she said, focusing her attention on her belly button.

In the same vein, L.A. She told an interviewer in May that she was changing "Shrek, size-wise" during the lockdown, and Orlando's "pro-style cycling" passion turned her into "The Hulk". "

Katie's claims that fans are not necessarily buying, she's so beautiful as the couple is waiting for their daughter to arrive.

Back in late March, Katie shared a bright selfie, after which a coronavirus pandemic forced her to self-isolate a few weeks later.

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