Naya Rivera death: Police confirm body found in Piru Lake

Naya Rivera death: Police confirm body found in Piru Lake

Police have confirmed that the autopsy that found the new river belonged to the actress.

The 33-year-old went missing Wednesday while on a boating trip with his four-year-old son in Lake Piru, Southern California, where he was found safe and well.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office announced Monday that a corpse was floating in the northern part of the lake and has now confirmed it is a river.

At a news conference, Sheriff Bill Job said police believe the body was a river. He said there were no signs that Foul was playing or that Rivara had killed himself.

Police said the sinking complicated the search, after which authorities searched part of the lake where the river was found.

Investigators said she hid from the bush before floating to the surface during the narcotics.

Lake Peer Park Rangers found him at 9.10am local time. Police said he appeared to be in the water for several days.

Officials shared more details on how the river died, but this time there were "ulation haganas".

Mr Job said the currents usually seen on the surface of the lake in the afternoon could cause the untouched boat to move away from the river and its son.

She must have enough energy to bring the child back, but it is not enough to protect herself.

Her body was discovered seven years ago after her former Glee co-star Corey Monnith died with a toxic mixture of alcohol and heroin.

Another glee artist, Mark Saling, also died in his 30s, killing himself in 35 after pleading guilty to child pornography charges in 2018.

Among those who paid tribute to Rivera was Glee co-star Jane Lynch from Rivera. She tweeted: "Relax, Naya. How strong you are. Give your family love and peace."

Josh Sussman, who played Jacob Ben Israel in Glee, said: "Naya, you miss a lot."

Heather Morris, who played a love interest on Rivera's screen on the show, shook hands with the family of the late actress shortly after police found the body.

Rivera starred as high school cheerleader Santana Lopez in the TV musical comedy Ullas.

She and her son Josie Hollis rented a boat last Wednesday at 1pm at Lake Piru, a popular swimming spot 56 miles northwest of central Los Angeles.

The alarm was sounded when the boat was late to return and the alarm was found to be asleep and wearing a life jacket on the drifting ship.

An adult-sized life jacket was also found on board, along with some of Rivera's belongings.

A rescue operation was launched but the actress was nowhere to be seen. The next day police said he was presumed dead.

The search included helicopters, dog teams and divers guided by sonar equipment as boats drew across the lake.

The researchers stressed by identifying the lake, including strong currents, dangerous underwater debris and 1-foot-2-foot visibility.

Rivera became a rapper for Big Scene in October 2013, but they ended their relationship in April 2014.

He started dating actor Ryan Dorsey and they got married in Mexico in July of the same year.

The couple had a son, Josie, born in September 2015.

River filed for divorce two years after the marriage, but they later divorced in June 2018 before finalizing the divorce.

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