Premier League clubs should donate money to the lower divisions: Bruce

Newcastle Joint Manager Steve Bruce says Premier League clubs must donate money to teams in the lower divisions or face a lot of financial pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce's former team, Wigan Athletic, came into administration last week, becoming the first professional English club to do so in the wake of the novel Coronavirus Epidemic.

The 59-year-old Bruce said the top football clubs need at least $ 2 million ($ 2.51 million) per chip to support English football league teams.

"The world has practically collapsed in the last few months and Premier League clubs should try ... try and help," Bruce told reporters.

"If you talk to a few small clubs, they are desperate. ... What I'm hearing from the managers and presidents is on the verge of collapsing. I believe we can do it if we're not careful." Most teams will collapse.

"My blueprint ... is to find a million quid and put them in badly needed clubs. One or two ... there's nothing going on in the Premier League these days. In the lower leagues. It's probably happening. Put them all in one season."

Bruce, who began his career with Gillingham in the lower leagues, said it was important to keep the small club alive.

"... Unfortunately, over the years, we've seen clubs collapse and they've been operating for a hundred years, some of them clubs," he said.

"People of the lower classes try their best to maintain their club ... what happens to them if we don't do anything about it?"

Newcastle, who finished 12th, visited Manchester City for a second place on Wednesday.

($ 1 = 0.7969 pounds)

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