Putin has put forward a $ 400 billion development plan, blaming the epidemic

Putin has put forward a $ 400 billion development plan, blaming the epidemic

Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted on completing a $ 400 billion investment and development program that has been blamed for the devastating economic devastation wrought by the coronavirus epidemic.

"I ask the government to involve the state council in the national projects in three months," Putin told a television conference with ministers and officials on Monday. "We have to move beyond their realities."

The projects should be completed by 2024 because of the coronavirus "we have to work under conditions of strict budget constraints", Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told Putin. "Today you have extended the time limit to achieve national goals by 2030."

Putin focused on the national projects of his election campaign when he won the landslide in 2018 for the fourth time. He ousted the government earlier this year, replacing Mistin, a longtime ally of Dimani Medvedev, who was partially disappointed. On the progress in implementing the spending program designed to promote Russia's slow growth and raise living standards.

The Kovid-19 crisis and falling oil prices in the weeks leading up to the new government’s appointment will shape Russia’s fight to reverse the worst recession in a decade after a national lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. I closed my plans.

Russia's budget has gone from surplus to deep deficit in 2019, and the government plans to spend 8.7 trillion rubles ($ 123 billion) on economic reform plans over the next two years.

While it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, Putin called for re-election in 2024 without fulfilling his promise to his constituents following the July 1 constitutional change. . More regulations by 2036.

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