Real Madrid beat Villarreal to the La Liga title as Karim Benzema

Zinedine Zidane said that before the Champions League this season the league was the main goal of Real Madrid, through which their legend was faked, and now they and have delivered on their side.

With one game, a resounding victory over Villarreal, two goals from Karim Benzema, and a second, penalty from him and Sergio Ramos, put him at the top of the table. This is his third in just 12 years, and he talks about its importance and about Zidane, the winner of three Champions League wars in a row, to change the club's culture and break Barcelona's domestic dominance.

It does not matter if the Santiago Bernabeu was finally brought to the club's Waldebabus training ground in front of fewer than 300 people or told fans not to celebrate at Sibels Statue in the city center. It wasn’t even the second goal that came through in a very silly way, as Ramos tried to give Benzema a second-half penalty to score for his teammate. Zidane insisted it was the hardest test of a team, the source of special satisfaction.

"The Champions League is the Champions League, but La Liga makes me happy because La Liga is all about it," he told Movistar after the French whistle. "It feels amazing because what these players did is unbelievable. I was lost for words because I was so emotional."

This is Real's second league title in four years with the French, won by the old guard and based on solidity and organization. Infection from action, of course. Real has won a total of 10 of the 10 matches since the football relaunch, with compressed mini-leagues to match, sharpen the focus, and the goals are clearer than ever. They also never get caught up and never really experienced it in any doubt. Villarreal did not score until he scored; By the last 15 minutes, when they threatened to deny Real victory if not for the title, they did not reach it.

The tension and drama that occurred today came from elsewhere. With each game bar playing at the same time, the score came from around Spain. Some of them are heavy, especially on the ground - internally fences. For Real at the top, they know their luck is in their hands, the biggest came from a distance of 600 kilometers, and are likely to be the most absurd at all times. In eighteen minutes, Osasuna took the lead over Barcelona. If this is the case then maybe Zidane's team can lose and win the league.

Although Barcelona's final resignation and defeat were something worthy of action, it did not mean he had no intention or that he needed help. By then it was clear five points from Camp Nou to the scoreline, gaining real control over Valdes. If traffic leads in only one direction and clear chances are low, Benzema has already put up a volley wide side and saved quickly from 20 yards from Luca Modric Sergio Asenjo.

The two players also gave each other a lovely touch and they give the edge to Real‌ before the first half drink break. Sofian Chakla gave the ball away, Casimiro stepped in, Modric and Croatia slipped on their way to Benzema. His shot, tight and low, went through Asenjo's feet.

How Benzema re-opened the scoring, the season's spectacular display of 20 league goals in 17 different games. After the 21st century, his teammates helped bring him closer to Lionel Messi in the second half, which began with Danny Carvajal cutting inwards for a sharp save from Ascenzo. Messi scored at Camp Nou to level Barcelona a long time later, but it was not to be.

Sergio Ramos scored from deep, eventually falling to the edge of the area. Suggested replays may have nothing to do with Chakla, but the referee gave Real his 11th penalty this season and did not demand it.

Ramos escaped, but instead of shooting Benjima came and flipped the ball under his stud to finish. His partner was a long way off when he scored a goal. Luckily for him, an opponent also occupied behind him. Real got another chance; This time Benzema took it and scored.

Vicente Iborra led it home 2–1, and then suddenly a series of shots came. Courtois, saved by Ontiveros and Iborra, could not believe it when his shot went wide in the 93rd minute.

Marcos Essencio felt he got a third after a while, while he was denied a goal, while Zidane and his players were not denied the title. His unbeaten run in the Real House this season is his title.

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