Seven ships caught fire at the Iranian port of Bushehr, the agency said.

The Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday that at least seven ships had caught fire in Iran's Bushehr port, the latest in a series of fires and explosions across the country, some of which had hit sensitive sites.

No casualties were reported, the agency said.

In a photo of the incident published by the official IRNA news agency, thick black smoke billowed into the air. State broadcaster IRIB shows smoke-filled warplanes at the shipyard at the southern part of the Gulf.

There have been several explosions and fires around Iran's military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June, including the July 2 fire at Iran's underground Natanz nuclear plant.

Natanz is central to Iran's enrichment program, which Tehran claims is for peaceful purposes. Western intelligence agencies and the U.N. The Nuclear Watchdog (IAEA) believes it has a coordinated, covert nuclear program, which ceased operations in 2003. Tehran denies demand for nuclear weapons

The cause of the Natazan fire has been determined, but will be announced later, Iran's top security agency said on July 3. Some Iranian officials have warned that this could be cyber-destruction, with one of them warning that Tehran will retaliate against any country so that similar attacks can take place.

In an article in early July, the state news agency IRNA stated that there was a possibility of vandalism by enemies such as Israel and the United States, although it did not directly stop the allegations.

The Israeli defense minister said on July 5 that his country was "not necessarily" behind every mysterious incident in Iran.

On June 30, an explosion at a medical clinic north of the capital, Tehran, killed 19 people and caused a gas leak, an official said.

The bomber struck shortly after noon on June 26 near the Parchin Military and Weapons Development Base, east of Tehran, causing a leak at a gas storage facility, officials said.

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