The actor is rescued by Johnny Depp crew during the London scandal

The Actor Is Rescued By Johnny Depp Crew During The London Scandal

During his Rocky marriage to ex-wife Amber Heard, Hollywood star Johnny Depp's staff defended him in a six-trial trial in a defamation case in a UK court on Tuesday.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" hero is suing the publisher and executive editor of Britain's tabloid newspaper The Sun's 2018 story, calling him "wife Beater".

Depp, 57, actress Amber Heard - now 34 and the world face of French cosmetics company L'Oreal - ended up with a confusing 2017 divorce and multiple lawsuits during her two-year marriage.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

But Malcolm Connolly, who has worked as a bodyguard for Depp and his family for nearly 16 years, told the London High Court he had never seen the actor hit.

"I do not tolerate a man attacking a woman. I do not tolerate him, no matter what," said Connolly, a former prison official.

"No, even though he's my boss. I do not care if he is the pope."

Connolly said he had seen Depp hit in Australia and Los Angeles but was not publicly responsible for his safety.

"Protecting slaves for some reason is a common hunting policy," Connolly commented.

Meanwhile, Samantha Macmillan, who has been Depp's stylist since 2002 and has worked with Heard as a couple, told the court that he never focused on the actress.

"I saw nothing, but his beautiful skin," she said of a special occasion in May 2016, when Herd claimed she had been blindfolded by Depp.

The actor initiated legal action after The Sun ran a story calling him a "wife-beast".

Depp noted that this was after he had already publicly denounced domestic violence and that it had caused "significant reputation damage" to his career and personally.

The High Court hearing has been going on for the last three weeks.

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