The craze has announced a £ 30 billion plan to save the U.S. economy

In order to protect jobs and the UK Sage Craze In the coronavirus-damaged economy, including a tax on home buying and eating, and a serious blueprint that employers do not employ to give their employees a new bonus.

The Excise Chancellor told the House of Commons on Wednesday, "We are facing deep financial challenges. "Our economy has shrunk by 25% in just two months - the same amount has increased in the last eighteen years."

He promised to support organizations that are confident with their workers, do their best to save jobs, and build families' confidence in the coming months. The 30 billion pounds (37.6 billion) package of craze includes:

By March 31 of the following year, the stamp duty limit for the purchase of property had been raised to £ 500,000. This means not paying stamp duty on restaurants, hotels, and attractions on a six-month discount of 20% to 5% on 9 pounds. A bonus event that promises to be discounted meals at restaurants nationwide in August.

The craze faces serious work to lift the world's fifth-largest economy in three centuries from its worst recession. Unemployment is expected to move up as it takes on unprecedented government programs that finance the wages of 12 million workers. So far, the state has already contributed more than $ 160 billion to the economy.

Explaining his proposals on Wednesday, the Chancellor said he would not back down from political ideology despite some calls from his party to avoid a pile of debt for the country.

"When problems arise, we will face them. We will provide support wherever there are challenges. We will overcome them wherever there are challenges."

He announced a new program to reward employers by bringing back bogus workers and continuing them until the end of January. Businessmen receive a £ 1,000 bonus for each worker, which can be returned from Furlough under a $ 9 billion policy.

The craze has reduced the value-added tax rate on food, accommodation, and attractions from 20% to 5%. The measure is up to January 12, in which it is worth $ 4 billion.

They announced a "Eat Out Helping Out" reduction between Monday and Wednesday, offering a 50% reduction on meals at participating restaurants in August.

The young worker

The Treasury also unveiled a $ 2 billion program to pay the salaries of more than 200,000 young workers, supporting more than $ 6 billion in jobs and environmental programs, Sunac announced in its statement.

Schools, hospitals and roads at a cost of $ 5 billion, including infrastructure, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced last week, the UK recover from the crisis

Bond markets have reduced the new craze in the current high-cost environment. The yield on the 10-year bond fell 1 basis point to 0.17%. Investors are focusing more on Bank of England's more asset acquisition plans and the latest issuance plans from the Office of Management on July 14. Sterling declined 0.1% to $ 1.2533.

Pub company Marston's PLC posted a gain of 3.5% on previous losses, while Wagama Restaurant chain-owner Restaurant Group plc rose more than 7.7%.

The following is a summary of the hypotheses and their costs:


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