The UK government is tightening the rule on wearing a face mask

The UK government is tightening the rule on wearing a face mask

According to news articles, Boris Johnson needs to tell parliament next week that Britain must cover its face in stores, soon to let the nation know that this is only optional.

The Times newspaper quoted an unnamed government official on Saturday as saying it was a "reasonable option" that masks would be mandatory in other indoor settings in a few weeks. The Prime Minister said on Friday that they want people to be “tough” to insist on wearing covers in confined spaces. Currently, they are mandatory in public transport and English hospitals.

Constantly been criticized for the handling of the Johnson administration COVID-19 infection, which led to yukeki, nearly 45,000 people were killed - the highest number in Europe. The mixed message led to confusion about what people can and cannot do. Scotland has already made the face mask mandatory in its stores, with the central English city of Leicester moving back to Lockdown.

Johnson is spreading a fragile line, trying to boost the economy facing an epidemic and the environment that will restore Brexit’s dual risks, while at the same time trying to control the risk factors that stray from recovery.

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