Trump says Biden was 'brainwashed': 'he was caught by radical leftists'

Trump says Biden was 'brainwashed': 'he was caught by radical leftists'

President Trump said Thursday that the "radical left" brainwashed former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

In an interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, Trump said, "Just look at what, face it. He's at the Radical Left. He has no clue."

"They brainwashed him, he did not know where he was, he did not know what he was doing and our country would suffer. Our stock markets would collapse and bad things would happen," Trump said.

The president referred to a "deal" with Democratic nominee Biden Sen Bernie Saunders (I-Vt.).

Trump was referring to the Democratic platform released Wednesday by the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force. The forum made recommendations on a number of important issues, but this eased Saunders' pressure for a radical change.

Trump told Hannidi that Biden "was worse than Bernie Saunders."

"He took full responsibility, he didn't understand what was going on," Trump said.

The 77-year-old Trump has denied allegations that he is ineligible for the job because of his age. The president said he knew "80 percent late, the early 90s" "100 percent mentally sharp".

Biden called for cognitive tests, such as Trump arguing that he "spoke."

"Radical Left, 'Is everything, is everything?' I 've proved it because I agree, he's very tempting, "Trump said.

Biden campaign representatives were not immediately available for comment in response to the Trump attack.

Biden also attacked Trump's cognitive ability and office fitness.

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