Ukraine: It is too early to blame human error for the downing of a passenger plane in Iran

Ukraine's foreign minister said on Tuesday that the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran was a human error, challenging the findings of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CIO).

The CAO said in a provisional report that 176 people had died in the plane crash due to misuse of the radar system and lack of communication between the air defense operator and its commanders.

But Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an online briefing that many questions were not answered.

"I want to make it clear: as mentioned on the Iranian side, it started to say that the plane was shot down due to human error," he said. "We have a lot of questions, and we need a large number of formal, unbiased, objective answers to what happened."

On January 8, shortly after takeoff from Tehran, Iran's Revolutionary Guards shot down a Ukrainian International Airlines plane with a ground-to-air missile. Iran later called it a "catastrophic mistake" that came under intense warning during the conflict with the United States.

Tehran said last month that experts from the United States, Canada, France, Britain and Ukraine would be involved in decoding the black box flight recorder, which would be sent to France from the downgraded aircraft for analysis.

Kuleba said an Iranian delegation would arrive in Kiev later this month to discuss compensation. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky said Iran was not satisfied with the size of the compensation in February.

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